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An International Scout Active Support Unit (SASU) has been created to coordinate all international opportunities across Kent Scouts. Whether you are looking for ideas to run an evening programme or want to be part of a global challenge, we hope to give you the right pointers here. If you are unsure or cant find what you are looking for please contact us.


David Wraight
ACC International

As well as regular links with Scouts in the Netherlands and Sweden, David has also participated and supported other international expeditions such as the Kent Scouts expedition to Kilimanjaro, and advised other district and group expeditions.

David's primary role is to support all Groups going aboard and to manage the administration associated with overseas travel and events.

David can also provide guidance and support through various contacts and networks to ensure your international adventures are a success.

Alan Noake
ACC Global Expeditions

Alan has taken part in several expeditions and led several global projects.


Alan champions the Kent Scouts global projects role which has been created to enable individuals or Groups who would like to become involved in a global development project or expedition to achieve their ambitions.

Vicky Soames
ACC Youth Expeditions

Vicky is a founder member of LEAP

Vicky looks after expeditions and projects that are specifically aimed at our youth sections. In most cases such adventures are aligned to an award.


One in particular that Vicky looks after is the Explorer Belt, a challenge of a lifetime. It is a chance to take part in a ten day expedition that brings real understanding of a different country, its culture and way of life.

Paul Abel
DCC Explorers, Network, Awards & Jamborees

Paul has twice been a World Jamboree Contingent Leader. He has also undertaken World Jamboree Management roles within the International Service Team.


Paul has responsibility for Jamboree selection, DofE, Explorer Belt and Queen Scout Awards that all have international elements. Paul is a founder leader for LEAP and is looking at how better to get young people experiencing international trips and expeditions. 

ACC Beavers

Beaver Scouts start exploring the similarities and differences between people of different cultures.

Hanna Rumball & Graham Broadbent
ACC Cubs

In many ways, the world in which today's Cub Scouts live is smaller than ever before.

With advances in communications technology and the decreasing cost of world travel, the world is more open than it has ever been.

We often refer to the world as the 'global village'.

The aim is to encourage our Cub Scouts to see themselves as part of that village - together with the responsibilities, privileges and rights which that brings.

Alex Bates
ACC Explorer Scouts

Alex has been lucky enough to have been on the past two international world scout jamborees and has had the chance to experience the life of scouting in Sweden, Japan and Finland while making many friends along the way with scouts all over the world.

The International programme aims to help Explorer Scouts develop a better understanding of the world they live in and make the link between local activity and global issues.

Melvin Wilson &
Dave Giles
ACC Scouts

Scouts are encouraged to discover the similarities and differences in lifestyle, cultures and environments, both locally and from around the world. It helps them make a difference.

Young people are becoming increasingly aware of issues involving their planet, partly as a result of increased access to news and information.

Dave Norris
ACC Network

Dave has undertaken several overseas expeditions and is currently working on a new venture that we hope to announce during KIJ17.

As a Network member you can participate in a very wide range of international opportunities around the world.

There are also opportunities to work at any number of Jamborees and events each year.